The Mexico City Experience


The Mexico City Experience


(Note that this price is per person sharing a private room with your significant other. If you're a couple, please change “Quantity” in the shopping cart to 2. If you're a family of three all sharing a room, please change it to 3. If you’re joining us as an individual, leave it as 1, but please understand there will be a $1,000 additional charge for your private room.)

* You pay your own way to and from Mexico City International Airport

* Everything except air travel is included in the price, including travel to and from the airport, all lodging, meals, transportation and activities

* We'll all stay together in single, spacious and comfortable location

* Wine-tasting and exploration of Mexico's wine culture

* Tasting and learning about pulque

* Mexican cooking class

* Tasting and understanding about mescal

* Floating, festive picnic on ancient Aztec canals

* Dinner in elegant restaurants

* A walking tour of the world's greatest street food

* Total immersion in the rich culture of Mexico City — historical, literary, artistic and more.

* Spectacular New Year's Eve party under the stars

* And a whole lot of delicious surprises!

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