The Heart of Prosecco

Amira and I spent nine days in the prosecco-growing region of Italy doing our early preparation for a Gastronomad Experience next year (sign up for the newsletter to get updates).

During this trip we've explored dozens of food producers, farms, markets and, of course, wineries. We've tasted and sampled and explored our way through this breathtakingly beautiful corner of the world in Northern Italy near the Austrian border, and found some of the area's greatest food visionaries for our Prosecco Experience 2018. (It's hard work, but somebody's gotta do it.) 

In recent years, the world has fallen in love with prosecco. Demand is soaring. So the region struggles to increase supply. A region once balanced in crops and livestock has been almost entirely converted over to the growing of Glera grapes, as well as other secondary grapes that can be added to prosecco. And growing for prosecco has spilled out of the hills and onto what I call the "Prosecco Plains." 

In short, there are a lot of newcomers growing grapes to make prosecco. We encountered many of these winemakers, young, old, big, small and everything in between. We've made some great friends and found the region's most visionary food and wine people. 

Some of our favorite wine-makers were the traditionalists in the traditional growing areas. 

Of course, talking about wine is pointless. You've just gotta try it.

We'll definitely be drinking the best proseccos in the world during next year's Prosecco Experience — plus some amazing food! Sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date about this event!)

- Mike

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