The donkeys of Morocco

Morocco is a reasonably high-tech country. Everybody's got a mobile phone. The cars are all pretty new. WiFi is everywhere. The house in Fez where we're now living even has home automation stuff all over the house, including sensors on the doors and motion detectors for the lights. 

Still, donkeys still do a lot of the work here. They serve as transportation, as well as "trucks" for carrying stuff. 

This is especially true in the Fez medina (the ancient part of the city). The narrow, winding Mediaeval streets here can't handle scooters, which are banned. Wheeled cars, pushed by men, are used, but they struggle to get through the crowds of people. 

Only donkeys can make it through the medina carrying heavy loads, and they're used for just about everything. Some guys are controlling three donkeys at once, usually with voice commands. 

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