Last chance for Barcelona!

After months of work, our Barcelona Experience is coming together beautifully! 

Amira and I are back in California now. But in a month we’ll be heading back to Barcelona to finalize everything for the Big Week (September 12 to September 17). 

(It’s still possible to join us; we have one spot left for a couple! CLICK HERE TO GRAB THE LAST SPOT!)

Wait, Mike, did you say “months” of preparation?

Yes. Putting together a week like this requires painstaking exploration, testing, tasting, research, legwork and, above all, relationship building. 

We’ve assembled a cast of brilliant food visionaries, including (in our opinion) Spain’s best baker, affineur, wine-maker, organic chef, mixologist, vermouth maker and others. 

Some of these amazing people are innovators. Others have been faithfully preserving Catalonian traditions for decades. 

We’re going to enjoy Barcelona’s best beaches, tapas, markets, wine bars, chocolate and churros, neighborhoods. 

But some things are best when homemade. So we’re going to make them, together, led by our carefully selected local experts. 

We’re doing this event in Barcelona only once. We’ll never do another event in that city. 

One event. One spot open. Get it here

(Or, send me an email at if you have any questions!