The Prosecco Experience

Tucked away in the Northeast corner of Italy is one of the most beautiful places on Earth: The stunning vineyard-covered Prosecco Hills of Veneto, just North of Venice. This is the location of our Prosecco Experience. Join us for a week of exquisite wine, delicious food, warm hospitality, astonishing scenery, magical gatherings, old traditions and new friendships.


May 19 - May 24, 2020


September 28 - October 3, 2020


May 24 - May 29, 2021

All about The Prosecco Experience

The Prosecco Hills is the magnificent paradise where prosecco comes from. Somehow, it remains largely undiscovered by tourists.

During The Prosecco Experience, we’ll stay in a beautifully restored ancient farmhouse set atop glorious rolling hills covered with vineyards as far as the eye can see. We’ll visit astoundingly beautiful wineries and meet with visionary winemakers to learn about Prosecco wine making and, of course, learn how to taste and appreciate these amazing Italian wines.

We’ll learn to make Italian cheese. We’ll visit local farms and explore the many customs and traditions practiced in the region. We’ll hang out with Italy’s top artisanal baker; he’ll show us some of the fields where his heirloom ancient grain varieties are grown. We’ll take hands-on cooking classes from a brilliant chef who will share his secrets for making the perfect pasta and gnocchi. We’ll visit a secret cellar unearthed not long ago.

And many surprises we can't tell you about!

Also: This is a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary, birthday or other special event!

Here's what you need to know:

  • You pay your own way to and from Venice Airport Marco Polo; everything else is included in the price (including travel to and from the airport, all lodging, meals, transportation and activities)

  • We'll all stay together in a beautifully restored ancient farmhouse overlooking an incredible, green agrarian valley of vineyards and farms

  • Most meals at the farmhouse will be prepared by our favorite Italian chef

  • Cheesemaking class with the region's top cheesemaker

  • Wine-tasting and exploration of both prosecco and other varieties

  • Quality time with the world's greatest grappa maker, learning about the art of grappa

  • Pasta making class

  • Other cooking classes

  • Exploration of some of the area's incredible wine cellars

  • A day exploring the culinary history of Venice

  • Picnic overlooking the entire region

  • Bread-making class with our favorite baker in Italy

  • Epic gatherings with friends to celebrate life Italian style!

  • And a whole lot of surprises!

There is so much we’ll be learning, experiencing and exploring and each night will savor splendid gatherings and celebrate the Italian way with our wonderful Italian friends. Get ready to go native!



“Unbelievable! A Prosecco and foodie tour sounded fantastic, but it was much better than that. Our very knowledgeable hosts made everyone immediately feel like family and organized an incredible week.

Every day had new surprises and delights - private winery tours from the proprietors, reserved dining rooms in Michelin restaurants.

But maybe the best part was new friendships with warm and well-traveled people like Mike and Amira. We’ve had wonderful times in dozens of countries, Italy several times, but never experienced anything like this before.”

- Gary



A week like no other. I've never booked a vacation on which someone else determined my itinerary day by day. That is, until I discovered Mike and Amira Elgan's Gastronomad Experiences.

This particular one was The Prosecco Experience in The Veneto region of northern Italy. Five strangers met at Venice's Marco Polo Airport, and our lives were changed forever.

Every day was a surprise as the details of your daily itinerary was carefully guarded by Amira. This added to the sense of wonder and discovery which is at the core of the Gastronomad Experiences. We went from foraging for mushrooms in the hillsides, to stunning Michelin star dining. We learned to make pasta and mozzarella; everything was hands on. The wine and grappa education you receive is at the hands of experts in their fields.

Don't tell Mike and Amira, but the price of The Prosecco Experience was a steal. Not once were you required to pay for anything after you arrived at the Venice airport; all food, wine, instruction, transportation were covered. There was more wine and food than a normal human could handle. One thing I realized early on was the the cost included a full time photo journalist aka Mike Elgan. Every step of your journey is documented, and the photos were available nearly immediately. Feel free to take a camera, but you won't need it. This is a hidden feature of any Gastronomad Experience which I think needs to be stressed!

Amira and Mike alone might be worth the price of admission. You'll never meet more generous and knowledgeable hosts. They treated you like family, and not like tourists. Their lifetime of travel experience was yours to sample at a moments notice. They make a compelling case for the Gastronomad lifestyle, and they're happy to guide you on how to get there yourself. They clearly love what they do, and love sharing it with other of similar temperament. The warmth they exude was contagious, and hugs were exchanged at the start of every day; (and randomly too!)

I'm going to their next one, The Mexico City Experience over New Years eve. I am literally counting the days (as of this writing 59...)

Spread the word, but no so far that I can't have a spot at the table too!




“This was truly one of the most excellent experiences in my life.

In no particular order, what made it so was the people we met and traveled with, the experiences that were planned for us, the food and the drink.

From the moment we entered the pleasant B&B where we stayed and met the owners, I felt loved and cared for. They were so kind and thoughtful, as were the group leaders who were more like friends than group leaders.

The small group we Experienced with were well-traveled, well-rounded, and downright fun to be with.

The experiences we had--tours of wineries not open to the public, dining in Michelin star restaurants, and even mushroom hunting in the woods--were all unexpected and delightful and made possible only by the personal friendships of our well-traveled and outgoing tour leaders, who were welcomed like the long-lost everywhere we went.

We never would have had access to any of it outside of the Experience. Before we went, I thought it was a bit pricey, but having experienced the Experience I am amazed that so much was included.”




“What do you call it when the reality of an experience far exceeds one's expectations? Well, for the Gastronomad Prosecco experience, I think the answer is...magic! My wife and I decided to take a chance and sign up for The Prosecco Experience.

My wife and I are seasoned travelers and had eschewed "tours" or other kinds of arranged travel excursions in the past because they always seemed, well, too touristy! But this, this somehow seemed different to me and I convinced myself and my wife that in THIS instance, things might be different, and hopefully better. In retrospect; that thought turned out to a monumental understatement. I cannot fully articulate how incredible this experience was for me, my wife, and I venture to say for the others in the small band of “gastronomads” that shared this journey with us.

Mike and Amira are two of the kindest, most intelligent, sensitive and downright fun human beings I have ever had the pleasure to have known. They put together a travel experience we will never forget.

This was a life changing experience for all of us. An affirmation of the love and beauty that still exists in the world. For this week, I was reminded of just how wonderful and precious life can be when you stop and experience it with intention and focus.

This will not be my last Gastronomad experience. Of THAT I am certain. I feel blessed to call these fellow travelers my friends now. That was the most precious gift of all.”