COUPLE - Prosecco 2018


COUPLE - Prosecco 2018


Here's what you need to know: 

* You pay your own way to and from Venice Airport Marco Polo; everything else is included in the price (including travel to and from the airport, all lodging, meals, transportation and activities)

* We'll all stay together in a beautifully restored rustic and charming ancient farmhouse overlooking an incredible, green agrarian valley of vineyards and farms

* Most meals at the farmhouse will be prepared by our favorite Italian chef — It will be like living in a Michelin-starred restaurant

* Stunning picnics on breathtaking hills overlooking vineyards and ancient villages

* Cheesemaking class with the region's top cheesemaker

* Wine-tasting and exploration of both prosecco and other varieties

* Quality time with the world's greatest grappa maker, learning about the art of grappa

* Pasta making classes

* Other cooking classes

* Exploration of some of the area's incredible wine cellars

* A day exploring the culinary history of Venice

* Wild greens foraging

* Bread-making class with our favorite baker in Italy

* Epic gatherings with great friends to celebrate life Italian style!

* A secret stop to enjoy the world’s best cup of hot chocolate and Italian desserts

* And a whole lot of delicious surprises!

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