The Barcelona Experience 2017

(This event took place in September of 2017)

"Everything was expertly organized and of top notch quality: the place we stayed at was upscale, the food and wine we enjoyed was fantastic and plentiful and the daily experiences were informative and entertaining." - Francois

"It felt like a relaxing, casual, and friendly get-together with a small group of food and wine aficionados in one of the greatest gastronomic cities of the world." - Micheline

"The experiences that we lived were truly real and authentic. I enjoyed every single day!"  - Erika

"It’s hard to summarise just how good each of the activities was. Everyone we met during the journey was warm and welcoming, and it was clear that Amira & Mike had established a real relationship with everyone and every place we visited. We were welcomed and treated as if we were family." - Tony