Prosecco MAY 19 - MAY 24, 2020


Prosecco MAY 19 - MAY 24, 2020


(This price is per-person sharing a private room with a significant other. If you're a couple, please change “Quantity” in the shopping cart to 2. If you're a family of three all sharing a room, please change it to 3. If you’re joining us as an individual person with a private room, please click here add a $1,000 “Solo Traveler Surcharge” to your cart before checkout.)

Note: During Gastronomad Experiences, every day is filled with surprises. Every new activity is a secret revealed just before we do it. That means most of what we do is not listed here, or mentioned on our website. Guests usually love the surprises, but if you prefer not to be surprised, let us know.

* You pay your own way to and from Venice Airport Marco Polo; everything else is included in the price (including travel to and from the airport, all lodging, meals, transportation and activities)

* Check in May 19, check out May 24, 2020

* We'll all stay together in a beautiful, comfortable location

* Cheesemaking class with the region's top cheesemaker

* Wine-tasting and exploration of both prosecco and the full range of regional wines

* Quality time with the world's greatest grappa maker, learning about the art of grappa

* Pasta making classes

* Other cooking classes

* Exploration of some of the area's incredible wine cellars

* A day exploring the culinary wonders of Venice

* Picnic overlooking a breathtaking landscape

* Bread-making class

* Epic gatherings with great friends to celebrate life Italian style!

* A secret stop to enjoy the world’s best cup of hot chocolate and Italian desserts

* And a whole lot of delicious surprises!

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