Question: What's 1,000 times better than a vacation? Answer: A unique Gastronomad Experience! Epicurean world travelers Mike & Amira Elgan carefully select the most spectacular locations in their favorite cities, then host a small group of fun-loving foodies to deeply explore the local food and drinks culture with carefully selected experts in every field. We'll cook, explore each city's best secret food spots, markets, bars, wineries, history, culture and more. Plus, we'll throw in some professional courses along the way. 

Join us on Gastronomad Adventure: Barcelona! We'll take you to the cities most delicious secret spots for incredible Catalonian wine, cheese, tapas, spirits, cured meats, olives and so much more -- oh, and the best churros and chocolate in the world!

The Barcelona experience: SEPT. 12 - SEPT. 17 2017

Barcelona is one of our favorite cities in the world and it has one of the world's greatest food cultures. This exclusive, 5-night, 6-day experience is a celebration of life, Catalonian style! Every meal -- breakfast lunch and dinner -- will be a mind-blowing treat. We'll explore the city's best and secret food spots; engage in wine tastings, cheese tastings and more with the city's top experts; learn how to cook and eat Barcelona style and gain professional development in a wide variety of areas, including optional sessions on social media, branding, communication, leadership and the future of the workplace. Click below to learn more and apply now. 


the morocco experience - SEPT. 25 - OCT. 2 2017

Over the centuries, Morocco's Berber cuisine has acquired influences from countless cultures, Spanish, Arabic, Andalusian, Mediterranean and sub-Saharan. This exotic Experience will immerse you in this spice-enhanced eclectic food culture. Explore incredible outdoor markets, restaurants and local food producers. Learn how to make incredible Moroccan dishes, taught by Amira Elgan and local experts.  Plus, you'll get a crash course in the incredible world of tagine cooking. 


The mexico experience - 2018

If you think you know Mexico, think again! This astonishing country originated some of the world's greatest foods -- chocolate, corn, avocados, tomatoes and so many others. Every region of Mexico has it's own unique food culture, and all are represented in the single most under-appreciated food mecca in the world: Mexico City. You'll picnic on slow-moving boats along canals built by the Aztecs, discover some of North America's most incredible restaurants, hear from the masters how pulque and Mescal are made in special tastings and learn how to make some of the most delicious Mexican dishes.