Hi. My name is Mike.

And this is my wife, Amira. We're gastronomads -- we travel the world in search of culture, meaning, friendship and joy -- and to taste the world's most delicious foods and drinks. (Here’s the meaning of the word “gastronomad.”)

Our goal is to live everywhere and eat everything. Here's where we've lived so far

We're from California. Other stats: I’m a journalist and author. I make my living writing opinion columns about technology and culture, as well as books. We have two sons, Kevin and Kenny, who are also gastronomads). More about me.

If you really want to understand the gastronomad lifestyle (it's more than a lifestyle; it's a world view), read my book, GASTRONOMAD: The Art of Living Everywhere and Eating Everything

I also invite YOU to join us on an epic Gastronomad Experience. We gather a small group of people to join us for a week or so on a deep exploration of the food culture of a specific city. JOIN US! (Here’s what people are saying about The Gastronomad Experience!)

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