The prosecco Experience 2018

Two hours North of Venice lies heaven on Earth — the prosecco-growing region of Italy. Called the Prosecco Hills, or the Prosecco Road, this part of Europe remains undiscovered by the hoards of tourists that crowd Italian places like Venice or Rome. We've discovered the areas most amazing prosecco makers, cheese-makers and chefs. 

The Prosecco Experience will take place May 22 - 27, 2018, when the vineyards are green and lush. 

We'll all stay together in a big, spacious place with stunning views and brilliant chefs on hand, where we'll have tastings, cooking classes and much more. Then, we'll visit the best prosecco wineries and learn how to make prosecco, and also do tastings. A half-day cheese class with the areas top cheese maker will transform your relationship to cheese. And we'll taste a rare traditional style of Italian cooking you've probably never experienced in your life. 

Come back to this page for additional details as we get closer to the date. 

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