The Provence Experience 2019

June 24 - June 29, 2019

Ah, Provence. Where the Mediterranean diet meets French cuisine. 

Taste Provence in the most profound way possible. Meander through glorious medieval villages, across fields of lavender, through mountaintop forests and on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. 

Join our small gang of gastronomads June 24 - June 29, 2019, for the one and only Gastronomad Provence Experience! And learn the true culinary arts and traditions of this enchanting French agrarian region.

We'll show you our secret hidden spots, and introduce you to our friends in Provence — winemakers, cheesemakers, truffle hunters and many others. 

Provence really is the ultimate foodie paradise: the delicious cuisines, the luscious wine, the most breathtaking lavender fields and a true devotion to ancient culinary tradition.

The lure of Provence is irresistible and the magic of it can only be experienced firsthand, guided by locals and experts. 

Experience, learn, discover and be transformed by the French Provençal way of life with its history and voluptuary culture.

We've timed our Experience to coincide with lavender season! Provence explodes with color this time of year — the overwhelming pink-purple of the lavender fields in full bloom, searing yellow of vast fields of sunflowers, deep greens of vineyards, forests and grazing meadows, shocking copper-reds of Roussillon, and the crystalline blue water of the Côte d'Azur (not to mention the pale pink of chilled bottles of rosé on every table along the coast in summer).

We'll immerse ourselves into the sublime food culture of this idyllic, sun-soaked region. We'll learn how to make wine the French way. We'll make cheese with some of Provence's legendary cheese makers. We'll hunt for truffles, take cooking classes from master chefs, learn how to make french pastries and so much more. 

We'll taste everything, guided by experts. 

Here's how the Gastronomad Provence Experience works. Our small group will live together in an exquisite location. From that home base, we'll visit the region's greatest food visionaries, most amazing outdoor markets, incredible restaurants and beautiful food shops in picturesque, hill-top medieval villages. 

The cost includes all lodging, food, drinks and transportation during the experience. (Airfare and airport transfer not included.)

This exclusive 6-day, 5-night experience will transform your understanding of French, European and Mediterranean foods. 


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